Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sensational seaside escapes that won't break the bank!

I've been meaning to write a blog post on those fabulous beaches ideal for a day-trip from city since the start of the summer. Unfortunately it took me so long to put pen to paper that by the time I actually started writing I received a clear and unceremonious sign of a change of season, by being caught in the mother of all downpours and arriving back home looking like a drowned rat in a wet t-shirt contest.

Despite this and the predictions of four months of snow ahead, in a show of unrelenting optimism I have decided to plough on with writing this post regardless.

During those glorious summer days basking in the sunshine is a favourite pastime for many a Londoner . Unfortunately unlike New York which has Coney Island, London doesn't have its own neighbourhood beach where we can go to soak up the sun, unless you count the Costa del Thames (that tiny stretch of sand on the Southbank next to the Thames). 

However jump in the car or grab a train and within no time at all you will be whisked away to some truly impressive beaches within a stone's throw of the city. 

Here are a couple of my favourites places that I have come across in my travels so far -

Dungeness Beach

If Charlotte Bronte and Dr Who designed a beach, Dungeness is undoubtedly what they would have ended up with - a deserted shingle beach with a nuclear power station looming in the distance. It's like a spooky graveyard for old fishing boats and the combination of abandoned huts, discarded machinery dotted randomly across the beach and disused rail tracks (used in days gone by to transport the day's fishing haul across the shingle beach to the nearby road) gives it an eerie feel which is like no beach you will have ever seen before.  

In reality this is still a working fishing village and a number of the boats are still in regular use, yet despite this you'll rarely see another soul while walking along the beach, making it the perfect, quirky beach break to truly get away from the unrelenting buzz of the big city.

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